Meet Eva – Verification & Validation Engineer at Akkodis

Testimonial May 18, 2023

Hi Eva, thanks so much for having us! Maybe you could start with a short introduction?
Hi, I am Eva, I am Italian and I joined Akkodis a few years ago as a V.I.E. I’m actually transferring to a permanent contract tomorrow! I came to Belgium for an internship and I fell in love with Brussels and really wanted to stay here. Akkodis then offered me a position to work on a project for one of their big railway clients and I’m still here!

Tell us, what was it that attracted you to Akkodis?
I have to admit, I didn’t know the company that well when I was first contacted. So I did some research and found out that it’s actually one of the most important consultancy companies in Europe and even the world. As an Electronics Engineer, the types of projects that Akkodis proposes also interested me a lot and I thought we could be a good fit. What I then noticed, from the first moment, was that everybody was super available. Managers, colleagues… everyone is accessible and ready to help. They all gave me a lot of information and details about the position etc.

Is that something that makes Akkodis special according to you?
Well yeah, I think the possibility to be open and talk honestly, even before I started, is a huge asset.

Okay, so open communication, right? Good to hear that you experienced it like that, as honesty is one of our core company values!
Yeah, and it’s truly like that. It was very easy to communicate with the teams!

And, what about you? Any achievements over these last years that you are proud of?
Yeah sure! First off, I’ve been able to grow a lot in my position, gain a lot of expertise in software verification. But what I’m most proud of is also the relationship part. I became a Site Leader last year, meaning I make sure the Akkodis Tech Experts on my site stay well connected to their colleagues.


Oh nice, congrats on that! Is that something you consider as something that sets Akkodis apart, this connection with the colleagues?
Yes! Well, I mean, this is my first job so it’s hard to compare. But I really appreciate how friendly, open and available everyone is and I can imagine it’s not always like that. The support of our HR team also plays an important role here. I already got to follow several trainings and just recently had my yearly evaluation, during which we have discussed about my evolution, and they again proposed me trainings and different development methods to pursue the career I want. It’s nice to have that kind of support.

Do you feel like you’re on the right track to achieve your personal and professional development goals here at Akkodis?
Yes! As I said this is my first job, but I have already gotten the chance to improve so much in terms of knowledge and expertise. I’m looking forward to improving even more from a technical point of view and then maybe evolve to becoming a Project Manager. We’re already looking into trainings oriented towards that field! I think I really have gotten the chance to learn, increase my responsibilities, train other people, now even becoming a Site Leader… I look forward to what the future holds!

Alright, last question! Any advice or message you would share with people considering a career at Akkodis?
Sure! I always recommend Akkodis when I hear people are looking for a job. There is of course the fact that Akkodis has a lot of big, important companies as their clients and that what we do is important for them. But what really makes the difference in my experience is the human aspect. The relationships with my manager, with my team. For me that’s what has made being here so pleasant since the beginning.

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