We put the care
in your career

Because we know it can sometimes be hard to find the right work-life balance. We know that the next step in your consultancy career can often seem unclear or unattainable.

At Akkodis, we help our people find the balance between getting satisfaction from their jobs and a happy life outside of work. Are you ready to take the next step in your career? One that’s tailored to you? It’s possible at Akkodis!

More than just an employer

To work at Akkodis means more than just another job at just another employer.

To work at Akkodis means becoming part of a dynamic, international player that’s part of The Adecco Group. A player that operates in a wide range of industries in Belgium, Europe and far beyond.

To work at Akkodis means you can grow in an environment that believes in the development and well-being of its collaborators, both professionally and personally. An environment that aims for you to feel good in your job and for you to be able to distinguish yourself in what you do. An environment that wants to grow, together with you, towards a smarter future. That’s why we’re always there to support you, with our four core values as a guide: honesty, respect, fairness and inclusion!

At Akkodis, honesty comes first. We believe it’s important to be open and transparent about what we do. We keep our promises, we say what we do, and we do what we say. When it comes to being responsible and taking responsibility, honesty is an absolute must.
Our door is open to everyone, and we treat each other with respect. Whether you’re a customer, stakeholder or colleague, or part of our community in a different way. For us, it’s all about you, and together we create a positive impact.
We believe in fairness on our way to a smarter future. Treating every person fairly and equally is one of our top priorities. This way, we give not only our organisation, but each individual the opportunity to develop and grow.
We want to create an environment where everyone feels at home. By bringing together different perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences, we achieve a better understanding of the different challenges of the future. Moreover, this diversity enables us to find more innovative and creative solutions.

To work at Akkodis
means you can count on:

Growth possibilities and well-being

We offer our colleagues the opportunity to develop and feel good in the workplace. At Akkodis, we encourage personal development and strive to maintain a family atmosphere. We promote a positive working environment where everyone is encouraged to develop their full potential.

Career opportunities and flexibility

At Akkodis, you’ll have ample opportunity to design the career of your dreams. Working with different customers in different sectors allows you to use and develop your skills and expertise to the fullest. Ready for a new challenge? Together, we’ll find the right fit for you!

Entrepreneurial spirit and proactivity

At Akkodis, we value entrepreneurship and offer opportunities to people who want to stand out and grow. We place more importance on a positive mindset, drive and acquired knowledge than on specific degrees. Show us what you’re made of, and we’ll give you the opportunity to develop and grow!

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